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Question: How far is it to Glacier National Park?  Answer: 52 Miles from the RV Park.

Question: Where can I get propane? Answer: Just down the road at Exxon City Market & Deli.

Question: Where can I get a fishing license? Answer: Ace Hardware, across from Blacktail Grocery.

Question: How far is it to Kalispell or Bigfork? Answer: Kalispell - 12 Miles, Bigfork - 15 Miles.

Question: How later are the Laundry and Restrooms open? Answer: 24 Hours.

Question: This is the first time I will go fishing on Flathead Lake, do I need a guide?
Answer: Yes - Recommended: Mo Fisch Charters - Lakeside, Montana. (406) 755-4414 Web Site

Question: Are there Golf Courses in the area? Answer There are 12 courses in the area, for reservations call: 1-800-392-9795.

Question: Can anyone use the gas BBQ's under the covered pavilion? Answer: BBQ's are for Family Reunions, Rallise, etc. Reservations with rental and cleaning deposit required.

Question How big is Flathead Lake? Answer: The lake is approximately 15 miles wide, 28 miles long and 380+ feet in depth.

Question: What Mountain ranges are those across the lake? Answer: The Mission Mountains in the foreground you see are the beginning of the Mission Mountain Range, the larger ones behind them are the Swan Range.

Question: What is the Flathead Lake Monster? Answer: It is a legend similar to Big Foot of the Loch Ness Monster, some people claim they have seen a huge serpent type of fish, others believe it to be a school of fish that swim close together that appears to look like one huge fish and yet others believe it is just a big Sturgeon.

Question: What type of fish are in Flathead Lake? Answer: There are several: Mack (Lake Trout), Pike, Whitefish, Cuthroat, Bull Trout, Perch, Sunfish, Walleye and Squawfish.


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